dinsdag 24 december 2013

Sebamed Aftershave Balm


From the brand Sebamed you have probably not heard much about right? At least not when it comes to shaving products? Because I did an search online on Google and honestly couldn't find anything and only found a topic on B&B listing German aftershaves and post shave balms.

And neither do I know a lot about this brand. But because the name contains ''med'', I assume that it is a medical brand which is usually aimed at people with very sensitive skin and who find normal care products don't work good and often cause allergic reactions.

The Packaging

The Sebamed For Men After Shave Balm comes in fairly striking white cardboard box with some terms on it like ''ph 5.5'' and ''HydroGS'', but also shows off the score in ├ľkotest which is ''Very good'' - the highest score a product can get with this German consumer magazine.

From the 22 aftershave balms tested, eight scored very good as score

The balm comes in a plastic bottle containing a closure membrane which should provide an optimal dosing according to the manufacturer.

Sebamed For Men Aftershave balm

Performance and scent

I have tried this aftershave balm yesterday and I was initially worried that the dosage system wouldn't  work good, because I had this experience with another aftershave balm called Balea Men, which uses also such dosing system and dosed too much, but luckily that's not the case here.

The membrane closure doses indeed quite optimal and doesn't dose too much or too less, and is easy to spread out on the face and fast absorbed by the skin. To be honest, I could say this aftershave balm just does what a aftershave balm should do.

The scent I would describe as a medical neutral scent.

Price and finally conclusion

I got this aftershave balm as a present from my lovely girlfriend so I honestly don't know how much she paid, but the score from ├ľkotest says € 6,99 and compared to other aftershave balms in Germany its quite expensive, but still very affordable.

And to be honest this aftershave balm doesn't work so much better than the cheaper ones like Isana Men and Nivea Men, and for this price I would have liked to see it in a more luxury packing, like a glass bottle.

But if you got a very sensitive skin then this aftershave balm would be worth trying and I'm happy that I got it as a present from my girlfriend.

donderdag 21 november 2013

Nivea Men Cool Kick Post Shave Balm


Somewhere in September the German supermarket Kaufland had Nivea Men Post Shave Balm in the promotion for € 3,49 and I found that a perfect opportunity to buy myself another variant of Nivea Men Post Shave balm.

So I had chosen the Nivea Men Cool Kick Post Shave Balm because its an post shave balm that contains menthol which would have an cooling effect on the skin after shaving.

To be honest I couldn't find a lot about this post shave balm on internet, but I got positive replies on a forum about this post shave balm. Oh by the way this post shave balm contains alcohol, but its nothing to worry about really, but if you got a very sensitive skin them perhaps it wouldn't be a good thing.

The menthol effect

I read on internet often about about aftershaves or post shave balms with menthol and people then always talk about the cooling effect from the menthol. 

And one if the main reasons I bought this variant of Nivea Men Post Shave is because that it contains menthol which I plan to use when its going be warm again next year. So I want to tell a little about how I experienced the menthol effect from this balm.

When applying the post shave balm I don't really feel much different then when I would apply a balm without menthol. But quite quickly after applying I will feel the effect from the menthol. It doesn't feel cold in a way like you would feel cold on your skin when its freezing out side as the feeling is quite different, because freezing cold would just hurt.

I would describe the cooling effect more as a mild cooling effect which lasts about 15 to 30 mins and then the effect is mostly gone. But I find the mild cooling effect good and if I would rate it by ice cubes then I would give this post shave balm one ice cube.

Oh the scent is by the way a very typical Nivea Men scent, not to much different from other Nivea Men Post Shave balms.


Mine conclusion is that when you can find this post shave balm for a good price that you then will have very good value for your money. So if you would want to have an menthol post shave balm like me and don't want spend to much money on it then this post shave balm would be a good choose.

woensdag 20 november 2013

Monsavon shaving soap from France

At the beginning of this month I visited Paris for one weekend and next to the sightseeing I also planned to buy some shaving stuff that is only sold in France.

So one off these products I bought in France was Monsavon shaving soap, which is sold very cheap in France supermarkets for less then € 1,50. And today I decided to start using the Monsavon shaving soap, which brings back memories from Paris :).

First impression packing and smell

The plastic bowl where the shaving soaps comes into looks very simple and kinda boring.
It doesn't even contain the brand name on it, it says only in France "Bol a raser and Authentique" which means shaving soap and authentic and it tells the weight of the shaving soap inside.

Mine first impression off the scent was a strong parfum smell which I couldn't really give a place.
But when I smelled again I could smell lavender and it doesn't smell bad at all to be honest.

The Shave

I had mine Balea Men pure badger shaving brush soaking in warm water while I was taking mine shower.
After I finished mine shower I started mine shave with the Monsavon shaving soap. I found the quality of the lather really very good and to be honest I'm not able to write anything bad about it.

The lather is very slick and protects the skins good and also the shave was very good and I have to say this is just the way it should be.

I only estimate that this shaving soap will not last a long time, but that doesn't really matter as its really cheap if you can get it in France, but if you looking for a soap that lasts long then Monsavon is probably going dissapoint you.

I find the smell during the shave really relaxing and not overpowering at all. I think the smell from this shaving soap is comparable with Speick shaving cream/soap which also smells like lavender.

Used safety razor and DE blade

For those who want to know it, I used an Edwin Jagger DE89L safety razor and a Gillette bleu extra de blade.


I really find that this shaving soap offers a lot value for your money and if you happen to be going to France? Then Monsavon shaving soap is really a must have to buy. This shaving soap also proofs again that a good shaving soap/creme doesn't have to cost much at all.

zaterdag 16 november 2013

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm


Everyone probably knows the brand Nivea which got famous because of the Nivea Cream that comes in a blue tin.

But Nivea also has for quite a long time a line of care products for guys and this line includes shaving software like shaving cream, aftershave balms and shaving foam in cans which is of course crap so I stay away from shaving foam in cans.

And in this blogpost i'm going too write about the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Balm, which is widely available in many countries and mine I bought in the Netherlands.

The Packaging.

I do personally find that the package has a nice and simple appearance and the white glass bottle definitely doesn't look cheap and its okay to place it in your bathroom in sight. The carton box that the post shave balm comes does not look bad at all and makes it look a bit more luxury when compared to really cheap balms that just come in a plastic bottle.

However trees have to be cut down in order to make these carton boxes, so its not so good for the environment, but I personally keep these kind off boxes often.

This in an older packing, the new one looks slightly different 


Nivea doesn't really show off the ingredients like budget brands do like Isana Men, K-Classic, Balea Men, Rewe, but instead of that they use a meaningless term: active comfort system.

But if we take a look at the ingredient list of the balm anyway then we see Chamomile which is used to supports the healing off the skin and looking further we find Isopropyl Palmitate and this ingredient is used as a moisturizer, but it can cause blackheads.

And this balm also contains vitamin E, which also is mentioned on the Nivea Men website and this ingredient name is actually Tocopheryl Acetate. To look up information off the ingredients I used an german website called Codecheck.info.

Performance and smell

This post shave balm is dosed quite good because it isn't a thick balm but also not too watery, but be careful that you don't dose too much, as the balm comes quite easy out off the bottle while dosing it.

I really find the performance of this post shave balm very good, because its easy to spread and absorbs quickly and I can tell you that in the winter you don't need any menthol in your post shave balm because when you put the balm on in the morning then the cold weather outside provides you already a cold feeling.

I find the smell off this post shave balm quite good and I would describe it as a neutral smell which is not too strong, but I can definitely smell it when i'm adding the balm on the shaved area.


In The Netherlands this product is sometimes is one sale for 50% off and the normal price is about € 8, but in Germany the price is below € 5 and not so long ago it was on sale for € 3,49 in Kaufland.

So I have to say that this post shave balm offers really a lot value for your money, especially when on sale and then the only brands offering more value for money are brands like Isana Men, Balea Men, Florena Men, Rewe aftershave balm, which all are sold for less than € 3 in Germany and thats without any discount.