woensdag 20 november 2013

Monsavon shaving soap from France

At the beginning of this month I visited Paris for one weekend and next to the sightseeing I also planned to buy some shaving stuff that is only sold in France.

So one off these products I bought in France was Monsavon shaving soap, which is sold very cheap in France supermarkets for less then € 1,50. And today I decided to start using the Monsavon shaving soap, which brings back memories from Paris :).

First impression packing and smell

The plastic bowl where the shaving soaps comes into looks very simple and kinda boring.
It doesn't even contain the brand name on it, it says only in France "Bol a raser and Authentique" which means shaving soap and authentic and it tells the weight of the shaving soap inside.

Mine first impression off the scent was a strong parfum smell which I couldn't really give a place.
But when I smelled again I could smell lavender and it doesn't smell bad at all to be honest.

The Shave

I had mine Balea Men pure badger shaving brush soaking in warm water while I was taking mine shower.
After I finished mine shower I started mine shave with the Monsavon shaving soap. I found the quality of the lather really very good and to be honest I'm not able to write anything bad about it.

The lather is very slick and protects the skins good and also the shave was very good and I have to say this is just the way it should be.

I only estimate that this shaving soap will not last a long time, but that doesn't really matter as its really cheap if you can get it in France, but if you looking for a soap that lasts long then Monsavon is probably going dissapoint you.

I find the smell during the shave really relaxing and not overpowering at all. I think the smell from this shaving soap is comparable with Speick shaving cream/soap which also smells like lavender.

Used safety razor and DE blade

For those who want to know it, I used an Edwin Jagger DE89L safety razor and a Gillette bleu extra de blade.


I really find that this shaving soap offers a lot value for your money and if you happen to be going to France? Then Monsavon shaving soap is really a must have to buy. This shaving soap also proofs again that a good shaving soap/creme doesn't have to cost much at all.

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