donderdag 21 november 2013

Nivea Men Cool Kick Post Shave Balm


Somewhere in September the German supermarket Kaufland had Nivea Men Post Shave Balm in the promotion for € 3,49 and I found that a perfect opportunity to buy myself another variant of Nivea Men Post Shave balm.

So I had chosen the Nivea Men Cool Kick Post Shave Balm because its an post shave balm that contains menthol which would have an cooling effect on the skin after shaving.

To be honest I couldn't find a lot about this post shave balm on internet, but I got positive replies on a forum about this post shave balm. Oh by the way this post shave balm contains alcohol, but its nothing to worry about really, but if you got a very sensitive skin them perhaps it wouldn't be a good thing.

The menthol effect

I read on internet often about about aftershaves or post shave balms with menthol and people then always talk about the cooling effect from the menthol. 

And one if the main reasons I bought this variant of Nivea Men Post Shave is because that it contains menthol which I plan to use when its going be warm again next year. So I want to tell a little about how I experienced the menthol effect from this balm.

When applying the post shave balm I don't really feel much different then when I would apply a balm without menthol. But quite quickly after applying I will feel the effect from the menthol. It doesn't feel cold in a way like you would feel cold on your skin when its freezing out side as the feeling is quite different, because freezing cold would just hurt.

I would describe the cooling effect more as a mild cooling effect which lasts about 15 to 30 mins and then the effect is mostly gone. But I find the mild cooling effect good and if I would rate it by ice cubes then I would give this post shave balm one ice cube.

Oh the scent is by the way a very typical Nivea Men scent, not to much different from other Nivea Men Post Shave balms.


Mine conclusion is that when you can find this post shave balm for a good price that you then will have very good value for your money. So if you would want to have an menthol post shave balm like me and don't want spend to much money on it then this post shave balm would be a good choose.

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